Where To Apply For Cash Assistance Avid COVID-19

Staying at home and not earning money is very tragic to everyone, which most of us experience now. The idea of being infected scares us all, it is indeed very hard to fight something you can’t see. Good thing there is cash assistance avid COVID-19.

In addition, the treatment cost for COVID-19 is expensive. Based on an interview with some COVID patients who recovered from the virus, they spent a big amount and even reach a million. Certainly, not a normal person can spend that much. Good thing we have Government Agencies that are always willing to support.

If you want to know how much does COVID treatment will cost you, this might help.

Cash Assistance Avid COVID-19

List of Government Agencies That Offers Cash Assistance Avid COVID-19:

1. Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

As per DOLE’s COVID Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP), our government will issue Php 5,000 lump sum cash assistance to workers who have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Who can apply?
Employees that are employed by private establishments, regardless if you are a new hire, probationary, permanent, or contractual as long as you’ve been affected you can apply for this government assistance program.

How to apply?
1. Employees must submit an Establishment Report on COVID associated with company payroll
2. Submit the requirements through DOLE’s email
3. Wait for the evaluation, it usually takes 3 business days
4. Once done with the evaluation, an email from DOLE will be sent to you if your application has been approved or denied

DOLE’s Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) is a program that aims to provide alternative jobs to informal sector workers, with this program the affected worker or beneficiary will be working for the government for 10 days. They will receive a daily minimum wage plus additional benefits.

Who can apply?
Formal and Informal workers are welcome to apply, but they prioritize the informal workers. They can either be underemployed, self-employed, or displaced marginalized workers. It includes tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, taxi drivers, fruit and vegetable vendors.

How to apply?
1. Approach your Barangay officials and let them know that you wanted to join the program
2. The officials will write your name in the list of beneficiaries and forward it to the nearest DOLE regional along with other documents
3. Wait for the confirmation from your Barangay Officials

2. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

The government has allotted a 200 billion aid package under the Bayanihan to Heal as One-Act. DSWD will be in charge of processing and distributing Php 5,000 to Php 8,000 Cash Aid for Low-Income Families.

Who can apply?
-Senior Citizen
-Pregnant Women
-Solo Parents
-Farmers and Fishers
-Informal Settlers
-No work, no pay workers

How to apply?
1. If you are eligible, you will receive a Social Amelioration Card (SAC) from your barangay that was issued by DSWD.
2. You will be required to provide documents just make sure to provide it
3. If you haven’t received the SAC, approach your Barangay officials.

3. Social Security System (SSS)

SSS Unemployment Benefit
SSS will be providing unemployment benefits to those employees who lost their jobs because their company shut down due to Enhanced Community Quarantine. They will receive cash benefit from SSS worth half of their average monthly salary credit, approximately around Php 11,000 up to Php 20,000.

Who can apply?
Employees who have been involuntarily separated from their job because of the following:
-Business Shutdown

How to apply?
As of this moment, all SSS branch is implementing a  no-contact dropbox system which means you can drop your application and supporting documents at the box  Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 2 PM.

For more information about Unemployment benefits such as the requirements needed, this might help: Guide on How to Get Unemployment Benefits.

SSS Salary Loan
Amidst the pandemic that we are facing, SSS still manage to accept and process Salary loans from its members. SSS Salary Loan aims to meet the member’s short-term credit needs.

Who can apply?
Employed SSS member under 65 years old it can either be:
-Contributing self-employed member
-Voluntary member

How to apply?
-Here’s a Complete Guide on How To Apply For A Salary Loan
Salary Loan Eligibility Requirements

SSS and GSIS Calamity Loan
Due to Enhanced COmmunity Quarantine, SSS and GSIS will make their calamity loan package available to their members. Starting in the second week of April 2020, a member will be able to apply for a loan and they can loan up to Php 20,000 depending on their monthly contribution.

Who can apply?
All SSS members

How to apply?
As of this moment, all SSS branch is implementing a  no-contact dropbox system which means you can drop your application and supporting documents at the box  Mondays to Fridays, 9 AM to 2 PM or you can also submit your application online.

For additional information, this might help:
SSS and GSIS Calamity Loan
Requirements Needed for Calamity Loan Application

4. Pag-IBIG

Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose and Calamity Loan
Same with other government agencies, Pag-IBIG also aims to help its members fight this pandemic. They now offer loan assistance, its member can now borrow up to 80% of their total accumulated savings with the Fund, it can either be a salary loan or calamity loan.

Who can apply?-A member who posted 24 monthly contributions
-A member who was affected by the enhanced community quarantine

How to apply?
-Application is available online only (For the safety of its members)
-Visit the Pag-IBIG website and download the form
-Fill it out and submit the form to your employer
-Your employer will then sign the Agreement form and send it back to you
-Send your loan application form associated with a picture of your valid ID and cashcard to the email address of the Pag-IBIG Fund office located near your employer’s office.
-Once approved, you will receive a message of approval

Please be advised that the process will take 7-20 business days, it will take longer than usual because they are currently working with reduced hours due to the lockdown.

For more information this might help:
Requirements Needed for Calamity Loan Application

5. PhilHealth

PhilHealth Medical Assistance
At this time, PhilHealth is one of the most needed government agencies since they provide medical assistance to its members. Good thing is that PhilHealth got our backs. PhilHealth will release an initial 30 Billion to help fight the onslaught of COVID in the Philippines. They will be shouldering COVID-19 testing and hospitalization due to the coronavirus disease.
Who can apply?
PhilHealth members who have been infected by Coronavirus

How to apply?
Patients just need to provide proof of treatment so that they will be able to file for a reimbursement claim.

For more detailed information about PhilHealth shouldering the Coronavirus treatment, this will help.

6. Department of Health (DOH)

DOH Free Medical Consultation
If you suspect that you or your family member might have Coronavirus because of obvious symptoms, call the DOH emergency hotline and let them know about your situation so that they will send help. This service is for free and it will be available to the public 24/7.

DOH COVID-19 Hotline: (02) 8 952-6843
For PLDT, Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers: 1555

It is indeed a relief knowing that Philippine government is providing a way to help its citizen, but let’s all keep in mind that prevention is still better than cure. It will be better if we all follow safety precautions to keep ourself safe and also our family.

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