Php 3,500 Cash Allowance for Teachers Will Be Released on June

The Department of Education (DepEd) will be financial assistance and cash allowance for teachers. They said that they will give an amount of Php 3,500 per teacher in the month of June.

Since the Coronavirus began all classes around the Philippines have been suspended. To prevent the teachers and students from being infected. It is very tragic to everyone especially those who have been affected by the pandemic. Many people have lost their job because of the temporary closure of the company. That is why our Government is doing everything it can to help Filipinos. Especially those unfortunate, especially by giving out cash allowance for teachers.

In addition, they will release “separate policy guidelines” that will enable a teacher to use the cash allowance that they receive to purchase teaching supplies and materials which will be beneficial to the preparations of shifting to the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP). That memorandum was signed by Undersecretary for Finance Annalyn Sevilla on May 4.

What is Learning Continuity Plan?
It aims to focus on the transitions of students from one type of learning to another, as their learning context rapidly changes. It details the adjustment to the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines. Continuity of learning plans does not only involve the technologies. The school will use to continue teaching but also considers how the students will return to campus after the emergency ends.

In short, they are planning for various strategies and methods of learning that schools will implement next school year, and homeschooling training for teachers, parents, and guardians.

To conclude, as per DepEd the public school teachers may begin to work starting in June to prepare for the upcoming school year, which will open on Aug. 24.

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