Guide on How To Use JobFinder Philippines For Job Seekers

Finding a job is the first thing that comes into our mind if we wanted to earn money. However, at this time finding a job isn’t that easy anymore due to the high volume of job seekers around the Philippines and it includes all the fresh graduates. Luckily, we have JobFinder Philippines, they aim to offer job seekers access to bigger and better career opportunities. Their vision is to help lessen the numerous rate of unemployed Filipinos by connecting them to employers from different parts of the Philippines.

The good thing about using JobFinder Philippines is that it makes job hunting easier for job seekers with just the use of a device and internet connection.

Here’s the step on how to use JobFinderPh:

  1. Visit JobFinder Philippines click this link:
  2. If you have your account already click “Log in” if not click “Sign Up”
  3. Upon clicking sign up you will then be required to choose either ” Job Finder or Employer” If you are looking for a job click “Job Finder”, if you are looking for an employee click “Employer”
  4. Once you’re done choosing, a form will be shown and you need to fill it up with your information. (See photo below)

5. Once done with the registration, log in your account once again
6. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the JobFinderPh home page
7. You will see there a search bar, type in your preferred job and location and click “Search” (See photo below)

8. Once you already see a job that you think fits you, you can now send a resume to the employer. Make sure to create your profile and be as professional as possible.

Just look for whichever job position and location you prefer. There are so many great choices that you will see. Make sure to choose the job that fits your skills and knowledge because nobody knows maybe that career will be your way to success.

For more inquiries, you may contact JobFinderPh using the following:
Customer Service
(02) 8628-0000 / (0977) 673-3976
[email protected]

Technical Support:
(02) 7586-5521
[email protected]

or click this link:

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