How to Get a BDO Visa Classic Credit Card

Banco de Oro or BDO Unibank is one of the most trusted banks in the Philippines. They provide an extensive range of corporate, commercial and retail banking services. In addition, BDO is ranked as the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of total assets, loans, deposits, capital, and trust funds under management, that is why there will be no problem if you will try their services. You will not be worried about the safety of your money since their service is trustworthy. If you wanted to have a BDO credit card then this will help you.

What are the Benefits of BDO Visa Classic Credit Card?

  • BDO Visa Credit Cards are accepted worldwide
  • 0% Interest on Installment
  • Easy and affordable monthly add-on interest rates
  • You can transfer your other banks’ credit card balances to your BDO Credit Card and save on high-interest rates
  • You can reimburse your Official Receipts (ORs) back to cash worth at least P5,000 at affordable installment plans or you can convert single-receipt purchases of at least Php3,000
  • Take advantage of their freebies and discounts with their partner stores
  • Shop items using BDO Visa Classic and earn points and get treats
  • You can use BDO Credit Card’s Charge-On-Demand when traveling
  • Use BDO’s Auto-Charge to Pay your bills the fast and convenient way
  • Take advantage of the 24-hour customer service

Interest and Fees Amount:

Annual Fee – No charge for the first 12 months; Php125 monthly after the promotional period
Interest Rate – 3.50%
Cash Advance – 5% of the amount withdrawn
Late Payment Fee – 7% of the overdue amount

What are the Requirements Needed and Who are Eligible?

Eligibility Requirements:
-Filipino Citizen
-21 years old and above
-Must have an income of Php 180,000 yearly
-Regular Employee
-If self-employed, the business must be operating for 2 years
-Must have 1 landline phone
-The residence must be near the BDO Branch

Documentary Requirements Needed:
1. Proof of Income

a. If employed:
-Latest BIR Form 2316 with employer’s signature (Photocopy)
-Latest full month payslip (Photocopy)

b. If self-employed
– Registration of Business Name (Photocopy)
-Income Tax Return (last two years)
-Audited Financial Statements (last two years)
-Bank Statements (last three months)

2. Valid ID or Proof of Identification

BDO Credit Card

How to Apply?

Before applying please check if you are eligible and you must have all the documents needed to avoid any problem.

There’s two option for the application. You can apply online or you can apply directly to their bank.

Online Application:
Just click this link “BDO Visa Classic Online Application” and you will be redirected to the BDO’s website where you will be asked to provide your personal information, fill out the form, and share documents needed online. Once done with all the process online, you need to wait for a few days before the decision came out.

BDO Branch Application:
If you wanted to apply directly to their bank there’s no problem with that.
Just to the eligibility check first, prepare all the documents needed, and then go to the nearest BDO branch in your location that you prefer and submit the application form associated with the supporting documents.
You can download the application form here: BDO Visa Classic Application Form

As a final point, getting a credit card is easy. However, being a responsible payor isn’t. Make sure to be a responsible payor to build a good credit standing because having a good credit standing has many advantages that you may use in some instances.

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