LTO Will Temporary Suspend Issuance of Student Permit Starting July 1

Starting July 01, LTO announced that they will temporarily suspend processing and issuing of Student Driver’s Permit to prepare for the implementation of the 15-hour mandatory seminar for aspiring drivers, as per LTO Chief Edgar Galvante.

The 15-hour mandatory seminar consists of three sessions it includes:
-Introduction to traffic laws
-Land Transportation-Related Special Laws
-General driving

All applicants need to undergo and pass that three-session before they can secure their student driver’s permit. This is in accordance with Republic Act 10930 or the “Act Rationalizing and strengthening the policy regarding driver’s license by extending the validity period of driver’s licenses, and penalizing acts in violation of its issuance and application, amending for those purposes Section 23 of Republic Act 4136, as amended by Batas Pambansa Blg. 398 and Executive Order No. 1011, otherwise known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.”

Originally this requirement seminar was set to start in April. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, LTO decided to postponed it for the safety of applicants.

Is it FREE?

As per Galvante, the seminar is NOT FREE. He said that by putting a fee for the application process all applicants will put greater value on understanding the topics and lessons that will be discussed.

In addition, LTO also announced recently that they will be waiving penalties for delays in renewing and they will give a 2 month extension to all vehicle registration and expired licenses.

LTO will soon announce when will they resume the operation and when will be the implementation of the new process of seminars, so let’s all keep track of that.

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