Things to Remember Before Sending Money Online

Sending money online is very convenient for all of us, especially for those who don’t have time to personally hand out the money to someone. However, it is very important to be vigilant when sending money online because there are so many scammers roaming around on so many digital platforms.

So if you’re going to send money either for payment, for business, or for support purposes, you may consider remembering these things to lessen the risk of getting scammed or completely avoid it.

1. Be careful who you send money

Before sending money to someone, ask yourself first.
Do you know the person to whom you’re sending the money? Because if not, you better think twice before sending it.

At this time, there are so many scammers on many social media platforms saying that they will help you or they can grow your money quickly. They usually introduce themselves as “online brokers” but actually they are not. Do not believe easily in any text, DMs, emails from strangers. Remember that there’s no such thing as easy money if you wanted to grow your money you must think of a way to make your cash flow either to a business or investment.

2. Be careful with fake online sellers

The number of online sellers is still growing as time pass by, different products and different marketing strategies have been used that is why many consumers are attracted to buy. However, fake online sellers are grabbing the opportunity to scam people because they know that online selling is very in demand now. So if you’re going to buy an item online, make sure to buy items in a legit online seller or online store.

You may consider doing these things if you wanted to make sure that the seller is legit:
-Legitimacy check
-Ask for customer’s feedback
-Ask for proof of transaction

3. Always ask for a seller’s valid ID

If you really wanted to buy an item but weren’t sure if the seller is legitimate and you’re afraid to take the risk because you might get scammed, if so you may consider asking for their ID. Not just an ID, but it must be a valid ID and make the seller provide as many IDs as they can. Check and verify if the information on the ID is the same.

4. Verify money request from someone you know

Scammers usually use the name of a person you know to trick you into giving them money. Sometimes, they will say that they needed the money urgently because of an emergency or accident. Be vigilant if that happens. Make sure to contact the person you know and verify first if they are really the ones who request money.

5. Make sure payment details is correct

It’s not that easy to gain money. So if you’re going to send money online make sure to double-check all the important details that you will provide before sending. Why? because some of the online money transfer platforms don’t have a cancel option or reverse option once you sent it already. So take extra care.

All the tips that was mentioned above doesn’t guarantee anything, but it will help you be vigilant when doing transaction online.

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