Guide on How to Get Hospitalization Benefits From PhilHealth

If you’re one of those PhilHealth members you are lucky because PhilHealth Hospitalization Benefits is now available. It provides health insurance coverage to its member. In addition, it ensures affordable and accessible health care services for all Filipinos.

Being hospitalized is a life scenario that we do not want to experience. However, there are circumstances that may happen which is beyond our control. Luckily, if you are prepared in that situation it may not be a tragic experience for you.

However, if you’re not prepared and you don’t have the money to pay for the expenses, you will be in distress.

Another good thing about PhilHealth is that you can make your family members as beneficiaries. It means that they will be able to take advantage of the benefits that PhilHealth offers as long as they are listed as your dependents.

All the documents needed or proof that you’re a PhilHealth member must be available on hand so that there will be no problem if in case you need it.
Failure to provide proofs or documents might lead to delays and problem.

If you wanted to know how to prepare your PhilHealth documents to claim hospitalization benefits, this might help you.

Things To Do:

1. Make sure to secure a copy of your Member Data Record (MDR) from the PhilHealth office or from your employer.

2. Get a PhilHealth ID. If you don’t have an ID yet, this might help:
Get PhilHealth ID now

3. Make sure to pay the contributions regularly. If you’re a new member make sure to have at least three months of monthly contributions within six months prior to the month of registration.

Who are Qualified as a Beneficiary?

  • Spouse that is not a member
  • Child or children who are below 21 years old and unmarried and unemployed, they can either be:
    -stepchild or stepchildren
  • Foster child
  • Children who suffering from congenital disability, either physical or mental, or any disability that makes them totally dependent to the member
  • Parents who are above 60 years old
  • Parents with permanent disability that makes them totally dependent to the member

How is the Procedure When Using PhilHealth Benefits?

The first thing you must-do if you got hospitalized is to inform the nurse who assists you that you’re going to use your PhilHealth. Afterward, show them your PhilHealth ID or MDR because it will serve as proof that you’re a Philhealth member. The nurse will then verify the documents you submitted.

Remember that the period of confinement must be 24 hours or maximum of 45 days for your benefits to be activated.

On your discharge day, all the receipt will be shown to you. The receipt includes all the fees of laboratory test, medicines, equipment that was used and also the Doctor in charge. The benefits claimed/discounted amount will also be included in the receipt.

If you wanted to know the list of illness that will be covered by PhilHealth, this might help: PhilHealth Benefits: List of Illness and Amount Covered

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