Guide on How to Pay BIR Tax Online

Before, we already got used to enduring the hassle of waiting for many hours due to the long queues and traveling just to pay for our taxes. Even if we do not want to go out, we will be forced to do so since paying taxes is our responsibility. Good thing, you can now pay BIR tax online.

Recently, BIR announced that they will be in partnership with some payment channels to make it convenient for us to pay. They will be offering an option to pay our taxes online, so with just the use of mobile phones and an internet connection, you can already pay without hassle.

If you wanted to know how to pay BIR tax online, this might help you.

List of Online Payment Channels:

Via Gcash

-You must have a Gcash account first
-Must have sufficient balance in Gcash account/ mobile wallet
-The fee will be Php 10 to Php 40 for tax amounting of Php 10,000 and below
-For tax more than Php 10,000, the service fee is 1.2% of the tax amount

How to pay using Gcash:
1. Download Gcash App if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Visit your Playstore (Android) and Appstore (IOS)
2. Open the Gcash App
3. Log in to your account
4. Tap “Pay Bills”
5. Choose “Government”
6. Click “BIR”
7. Fill out the form for BIR payment
8. Under “Form Series” choose the appropriate ITR you’re going to file and then select the tax type
9. Select the Return Period and review your payment details
10. Confirm your payment
11. Once confirmed, you will see a pop-up confirmation and receive a confirmation message

Via PayMaya

-You must have a PayMaya account first
-Must have sufficient PayMaya balance
-The Php 20 fee will be deducted from every transaction

How to Pay Using PayMaya:
1. Download PayMaya App if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Visit your Playstore (Android) and Appstore (IOS)
2. Open the PayMaya App
3. Log in to your account
4. Click “Pay Bills”
5. Choose the BIR logo on the list of billers
6. Enter all the required information such as:
-Nine digit TIN
-Amount to pay
-Branch Code
-RDO Code
7. Choose the appropriate tax type
8. Under “Return Period” choose the applicable date
9. Review all the information and click the “Pay” button
10. If successful, you will see a confirmation and you will also receive an email or SMS confirmation

Via Moneygment

-This app is for payors who are located in Metro Manila, Central Luzon, CALABARZON, and Cebu only
-You must have Moneygment account first
-Must have sufficient Moneygment balance
-Php 650 fee for personal income tax filing 
-Php 500 fee for

How to Pay Using Moneygment:
1. Download Moneygment App if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Visit your Playstore (Android) and Appstore (IOS)
2. Open the Moneygment App
3. Log in to your account
4. Click the “Calculate, Pay and File Your Taxes” button
5. Choose “Personal Income Tax”
6. Select “Create or update your profile” and put all the information that will be asked
7. Click “Encode your income & expense”
8. Click “View your tax computation and pay”
9. Choose a payment method and then click “Pay”
10. Wait for the confirmation (Do note that sometimes processing usually takes two days)

Via Authorized Agent Banks such as:
BPI, PNB, UCPB, UnionBank, and LandBank

-To be able to use your bank’s online or mobile banking facility, you must
e-file your ITR using eFPS or eBIRForms
-You must receive a confirmation that your filing has been successful before you can proceed to pay your tax

How to Pay Using Authorized Agent Banks:
1. Download the Bank App which you prefer to use
2. Open the app and log in your account
3. Go to the “Bills Payment” page
4. Choose “BIR” from the list of billers
5. Enter amount and other payment details
6. Choose the bank account number where you prefer your tax payment to be deducted
7. Double-check all the details you put before clicking submit
8. Print the payment confirmation on the screen or from the email message sent by your bank for future reference

Knowing that you can pay your tax anytime and anywhere is such a relief. Especially for those who are too busy and can’t allot time to run other errands due to hectic work schedule. In addition, it is also very timely since we have to stay at home to protect ourselves from the virus that is spreading.

For more inquiries, you may contact BIR using this hotlines:

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