Guide on How to Claim Undelivered UMID Card

Applying for a UMID Card usually takes months to process. There are certain processes that you need to undergo such as taking of biometrics and personal data, but those don’t take much time, what really consumes the time is the process of creating the ID itself and the delivery and sometimes, it doesn’t get delivered. If that happens here how to claim an undelivered UMID card

Usually, they will advise you to wait for two-three months before you receive your ID but what if it’s still undelivered after four months and more? Will it still be delivered? Well, usually if it exceeds the advised waiting time there are chances that it will not be delivered anymore. If that happens this is what you can do.

How to Claim Undelivered UMID Card:

1. Track your UMID Card status using the SSS website, just log in to your SSS account using your credentials on the same website where you check your contributions. If you don’t have an account yet, this might help you: Register To SSS Online.

2. Once logged in, click  “E-Services”, then choose “Inquiry”. Click “Member Info” and choose “SSS ID Card”. Once clicked, you will see the card status and details such as generation date, packaging date, and mailing date. If its already marked as mailed, and you’ve waited for months but it wasn’t delivered yet, you should contact SSS

3. You can send an email directly to SSS using this email address and wait for their response: [email protected] or [email protected]

Your email must be subjected as an Undelivered SSS UMID Card, you must include details such as full name, birthday, current address, SSS Number, date of SSS UMID Card application, SSS Servicing Branch where you applied

4. Wait for their response. Once they replied, the email will be composed of a tracking number, reference numbers, post office transaction

5. SSS will then forward your message to local post offices to confirm if your parcel as returned

In case you didn’t receive any reply from SSS, you have an option to call their hotline, visit their SSS branch or require at your local post office

Once you visited your local post office and they have your ID, you must present a valid, SSS UMID Application Stub plus the reference and tracking number before they release your ID

After you presented those and you prove them that is your ID, you will get the parcel in just a few hours

It’s normal to feel frustrated if you didn’t get your ID, but do not lose hope. You will definitely get your ID anytime soon if you try those tips above.

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