Guide on How to Update the Name on Your PRC License After Getting Married

A female professional who recently got married and wants to use his husband’s surname can now update her PRC license as soon as she wants it. There’s no need to wait for the expiration date, they can renew it anytime as long as they can provide legal documents as proof.

If you wanted to use your husband’s surname in your PRC license. This might help you.

What are the Requirements to Update PRC License?

  • Accomplished Petition Form must be notarized
  • Marriage Contract (Original and Photocopy)
  • 2x Passport size ID picture
  • PRC ID (Photocopy)
  • Metered Documentary Stamp
  • Statutory Fee

Here’s the Procedure:

  1. Fill out the Petition Form
  2. Have it notarized
  3. Proceed to the PRC Renewal Counter for verification
  4. Afterward, proceed to the Customer Service center to get your metered document stamp
  5. Proceed to Cashier and pay for the fees
  6. After paying, proceed to Regulation Office and submit the accomplished petition form associated with other documents
  7. You need to go back once your ID is done or you can visit the PRC Official Website to check the status of your petition.

Changing the surname on your PRC ID might take a while because it will undergo legal processes but if you want to change your surname you must undergo that process. It may take some time but it will definitely be worth it once it’s done. All you need to do is to extend your patience until it’s done.

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