Online Selling Tips Using Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms nowadays that is why many online sellers are taking advantage of its popularity to reach a huge audience and earn more via Facebook Online Selling.

Before, we got used to posting the things that we wanted to sell on Facebook, but now they have created a “Live” option to share something with our audiences.

Many online seller has taken advantage of the live option to sell something online which they usually called “Live Selling”.

Facebook Online Selling or Live Selling is what most online sellers do, especially those who are selling items such as clothes, bags, shoes, foods, jewelry, etc. They do live selling because it is easier rather than talking to customers one by one. By the use of Facebook’s live selling, you will be able to offer and explain your products to all your viewers without a hassle. It means, the more your viewers are, the higher the possibility that you will earn more.

Therefore, if you wanted to know some tips on how to do live selling on Facebook, this might help you.

Here Are Some Tips You Must Know About Facebook Online Selling:

Make an early announcement

Make an early announcement if you’re doing a live selling. Post information on Facebook so that your friends and possible customers will see it. Your post must include details such as date and time of live selling, items to sell, and price range. You can also include if you’re giving away freebies because it will be more catchy.

Inform them via chat

Send an invitation to your possible customer via personal message. Chat with them and let them know that you’re going to have a live selling.

Make yourself presentable

When you’re doing live selling your viewers will see you, unless you prefer not to show your face. So it is very important to make yourself look presentable when you face the camera.

Be cheerful and jolly

Most viewers get bored when watching, that is why it is very important to be cheerful when doing a live selling. It will help you get more viewers because of the good vibes.

Acknowledge your viewers

If you start your online video acknowledge everyone who will watch your live selling even if you didn’t know them. It makes them know that are welcome.

Explain your rules

Let your viewers know what are your rules in selling. Let them know-how is the process if they are going to buy because not all viewers are familiar with live selling. There are always newbies, so it is very important to make them familiarize themselves with how your live selling works.

Clean sorroundings

Make sure that your background is clean before starting a live selling. Your customers must see that your place is clean especially if you sell foods and clothing. That will help a lot to attract customers so they will be secured that the item you sell isn’t contaminated or dirty.

Prepare your products beforehand

All items that you will sell must be ready before you start your live selling because your viewers might get bored waiting for you when finding the item that you will sell. So it is important to prepare everything you will need ahead of time, organize everything to avoid the time-consuming process.

Have someone to help you

When you’re doing live selling, it will be much easier if you have an extra hand to help you focus because customers sometimes are demanding. In addition, there are other things that need to be done such as writing notes, sorting items, etc. You can ask for from your partner, family member, and friends.

Extend your patience and be kind to your customer

Customers are sometimes very demanding when it comes to shopping. But, you should understand them because they just wanted to get a good item that is worthy of buying.

Give Freebies and Promos.
Make sure that your customers enjoy while shopping on your live selling.

Show your gratitude.
Before ending your live streaming, give thanks to everyone who participated in your live selling especially those who buy your items. Let them know the next process that needs to be done before they receive the item

Take advantage of the easier way of selling items that Facebook offers. Do note that if you use Facebook there’s a big chance that you will sell more because you will be able to reach a wide range of users. Just follow the tips above and it will help you be prepared if in case you decided to do live selling.

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