Guide on How to Invest in SSS P.E.S.O Fund

At this point in time investment has been very popular among Filipinos. There are so many types of investments that were being offered everywhere including the SSS P.E.S.O Fund.

However, there are certain types of investment that is risky, that is why it is very important when you’re planning on investing, you should conduct research first. Make sure if your decision will be worth it.

Good thing is that the Social Security System (SSS) offers an investment via SSS P.E.S.O. Fund. No doubt that this investment is surely legit because SSS has been trustworthy since then. If you wanted to know how to invest in SSS P.E.S.O. Fund, this might help you.

What is SSS PESO Fund?

The SSS P.E.S.O. Fund (Personal Equity and Savings Option) is a voluntary provident fund that is only being offered to SSS members aside from the regular SSS program they offer. This program will allow members who have the capacity to contribute more are given the opportunity to save more in order to receive additional benefits in the future.

What are the Benefits I Can Get?

  • Retirement Preparation
  • Safe investment
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Profitable compound interest
  • Guaranteed earnings

Who are Eligible to Open an Account?

  • 54 years old and below
  • Must have 6 consecutive months of paid contribution for the last 12 months
  • Have not filed any claim under the SSS Program
  • Must have paid maximum contribution amount under SSS regular program (self-employed, voluntary members, and OFW)

Contribution Will Be Allocated to Three Types which is the:

  1. Retirement and Disability
    65% of your contribution’s fund
  2. Medical
    25% of your contribution’s fund
  3. General Purpose
    10% of your contribution’s fund can either be for housing, education, livelihood, or unemployment

Where Can I Pay my PESO Fund Contributions?

  • SSS Branches
  • GCash
  • Bayad Center
  • SM (Hypermarket or Business Center)
  • Savemore
  • ECPay
  • UnionBank
  • PNB
  • Bank of Commerce

Here’s How to Open an Account:

  1. Log in to your My.SSS Account. If you don’t have an account yet just click this link: Register To SSS Online
  2. Click “E-Services” and choose “P.E.S.O Fund”
  3. If you’re eligible to open a SSS PESO Fund account, it will be displayed. If not, the reason why you’re not eligible will be indicated
  4. Provide all the detail that will be asked in the system if you’re eligible
  5. Just continue with the registration process. Just make sure to double-check all the details to avoid any problem.

In conclusion, if you think about your future it is a sign that you’re a responsible person. It just means that if you’re being responsible there’s a good chance that you’ll have a better life even after retirement.

Therefore, it is very important when you’re still young to chose a good investment and if you’re planning on applying for an SSS P.E.S.O. Fund, it is a wise choice indeed.

However, do not forget to check other options as well because there are lots of investment available in the Philippines but just make sure to be vigilant every time.

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