Ways to Verify Your Lost or Forgotten TIN Number/ID

Have you ever tried to forget where did you put your ID or totally lost it? Unfortunately, it usually happens every time to anyone, and as we all know getting an ID takes some time to process especially if it is a valid ID so it’s kind of frustrating but you can always verify TIN Number if you forget or lost it.

For instance, you lost your TIN ID and you need your TIN number urgently to process something legally. How will you be able to know what is your TIN number if you don’t have your ID? Don’t worry we got your back. If you wanted to know how to verify TIN number if you lost or forgot it, this might help you.

Here are some ways to verify your TIN Number:

  • Check Documents
    If you lost your TIN ID, you may consider checking some documents that you have such as Income Tax Return or Invoices
  • Check IDs
    Sometimes TIN ID number is included in other IDs so might as well check it and be sure
  • Verify with Your Employer
    This is one of the common ways to get your TIN number if you are currently employed. HR Departments usually know information about your employment documents. So you may contact them and request if you can get your TIN Number and let them know the purpose why you need it.
  • Call BIR Hotlines
    If you have tried some of the tips above but it didn’t work at all, this might be your option. Call directly to BIR customer service to inquire regarding your TIN Number. However, do note that when you call BIR they will you to verify some personal information so be prepared.

    You may contact them directly using this hotline:
  • Inquire via Email to BIR
    This option will be perfect if don’t need your TIN number urgently and you have tried contacting them using hotline but it doesn’t work. BIR is responsive when it comes to an email, however, it usually takes some time for them to response.

    If you wanted to try this option, you may send an email to them using this email address: [email protected].

    Make sure to put the following information to your email to avoid delays.
    -TIN verification request
    -Contact number
  • Visit BIR RDO
    If none of the above-mentioned work, this is the last option you may try and this is usually the effective one since you’re going to the BIR where your TIN ID was released. Just visit the nearest BIR RDO in your location and go to the Customer Service counter, inform them that you wanted to verify your TIN number. They will ask you to present a valid ID or any proof of identification, afterward, they will provide your TIN number.

Lost TIN ID might be frustrating but do not forget that you can always ask for a replacement. However, it will still need to undergo processes just like when you first get an ID. So much better if you will take care of your ID, so you don’t have to experience hassle due to TIN ID replacement.

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