Guide on How to Get DFA Red Ribbon Authentication | Diploma, Form 137, TOR

Working abroad requires a lot of documents and you must consider getting DFA Red Ribbon Authentication for your documents such as diploma, TOR, and Form 137. Since “Red Ribbon” serves as a proof of authenticity of public documents to be used by Filipinos outside the Philippines.

In addition, having your documents red ribbon authenticated improves your chance of getting hired at the job you’re applying for.

Many Filipino Professionals wanted to go abroad rather than work here in the Philippines. They all have different reasons why, but mostly they wanted to earn more, and working abroad is indeed a good decision. However, you must also be aware that working abroad is a risk you need to take. If you wanted to know what to do, here’s a guide.

What to do to get DFA Red Ribbon Authentication?

  1. Go to the school where you graduated
  2. You must request a Certification of True Copies of your TOR from the School’s Registrar
  3. The Registrar will then give you a form, fill it out
  4. Make sure to avoid any mistake or double-check every detail to avoid any problem
  5. Submit it back to the registrar and wait for it to be authenticated
  6. Once done, proceed to the cashier and pay for the fee
  7. Afterward, claim your Certified Transcript of Record
  8. Once you have it in your hand, proceed to the CHED office
  9. Submit your Certified TOR
  10. Fill out all the forms that will be given to you, make sure to avoid mistakes
  11. Once done, submit it back
  12. Proceed to the cashier and pay the fee. Do not forget to get the official receipt
  13. Once your documents have been authenticated, get your claim stub.
    It will indicate the release date of your red ribbon authenticated TOR
  14. On the date given, go back to CHED and get your TOR

For more information, you may contact DFA using this hotline:
 556-0000 or 651-9400,  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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