What To Do When Your Name Got “Hit” on NBI

NBI Clearance is one of the important documents you must-have when you’re applying for a job or going abroad. This is very vital since it serves as proof that you did not commit any crime. But what will you do if you got hit on NBI Clearance?

We can’t avoid the fact that sometimes we have the same name as others and we don’t know that person’s life background, they can either be as good as you or vice versa. That is the reason why NBI is doing processes to determine if your name is the one with no criminal records.

If by any chance there’s a person the same name as yours who committed a crime, once you get an NBI clearance your name in their system will show “HIT”, it means that the name you’re using has committed something that is against the law.

But that’s okay, there’s no need for you to worry. As long as you know that you’re innocent, NBI will definitely detect that and you will get your clearance.

Here are some reasons why your name shows “HIT” on the NBI system:

  • Pending administrative case filed in the court
  • Pending criminal case filed in the court
  • Previously has an administrative case that was not yet been closed
  • Previously has a criminal case that was not yet been closed
  • Another individual with the same name as yours that has a pending or on-going case
  • If the Government agency advises NBI to hold the clearance for a certain purpose

What To Do When My Name Got Hit?

There’s no need for you to worry or panic as long as you know to yourself that you did not do anything. If ever your name got hit, your clearance will only undergo further verification and they will ask some personal details and question about you. After that, once your clearance has been verified you can already get it.

Tips When Your Name Got “Hit”:

  • Your personal appearance is a must
  • Dress appropriately
  • Do not panic
  • Answer them correctly
  • Bring Valid IDs
  • Bring the official receipt

After completing all the processes and interview, your NBI clearance will be printed and given to your right away. Lucky for you if your name doesn’t have hit because you don’t have to undergo the processes that were mentioned above since you can have your clearance right away.

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