Guide on How to Get a Non-Professional Driver’s License

A car owner must know that having a driver’s license is a must. Land Transportation Office requires all drivers to get their professional or non-professional driver’s license before they plan to drive in the streets. So you must obey it or else you will be punished for violating the law.

If you plan to get a driver’s license, you must have a lot of patience since the processes it will undergo takes some time. You can’t get your license right away if you applied for it. You need to wait at least a month before you get your student permit and then renew for a non-professional afterward.

If you wanted to know more about how to get a non-professional driver’s license, this might help you.

Here are the qualifications:

  • Must be 18 years old and above
  • Mentally and Physically fit to drive
  • For foreigners, proof that he/she will stay in the country for a year

What are the Requirements Needed?

  • Student Permit that was issued a month ago
  • Application Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Must pass written and practical test
  • Passport (for foreigners)

How much is the Fee?

License – Php 585
Application Fee – Php 100
Computer Fee – Php 67 (2x)

Here’s the Process:

  • Visit the nearest LTO office in your location
  • Get an application form and fill it out
  • Go to the evaluator and submit all the requirements needed
  • Once submitted, it will be verified, once verified you will be called
  • Once called, proceed to the signature and picture taking counter
  • Afterward, proceed to the cashier and pay for the fee
  • Then take the exam
  • After taking the exam, go to the waiting area and wait for the result
  • If you pass the exam, pay for the fees, and don’t forget to get the official receipt
  • You will be advised to wait for a few hours while your license was being processed
  • Once done, you will be called. You must present the OR and claim your Non-Professional License

Getting a license is really time-consuming. It requires your effort and patience, make sure to be prepared if you’re planning to get a driver’s license.

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