Guide on How to Get NBI Clearance Abroad

Many OFWs are wondering how will they able to get NBI clearance abroad. Is it possible for OFWs to get an NBI clearance even if they are not in the Philippines? Yes. definitely. If you wanted to know how to get NBI clearance abroad, this might help you.

Who Can Get NBI Clearance Abroad:

  • Citizenship purpose
  • Immigration or permanent residency purpose
  • Employment purpose
  • School requirements purpose
  • ETC

What are the Requirements Needed:

  • Online Appointment
  • NBI Application Form
  • 2×2 picture (2)
  • Valid ID, it can either be the ff:
    -Driver’s License
    -Voter’s ID
    -PRC License
    -Postal ID
    -GSIS ID
    -School ID
    -PhilHealth ID
    -Alien Registration Card
  • Letter of Authorization

How’s the Process?

Step 1. Complete all the requirements that were listed above

Step 2. Once you have all the requirements, send it to your chosen representative in the Philippines.

Step 3. Secure an online appointment. Make sure to choose the Main Office in United Nations Ave., Ermita, Manila since they are the only office who process NBI application for OFWs

Step 4. After securing an appointment. Inform your chosen representative of the date and time of the appointment so they know when to go. Personal Appearance is a must, failure to do so will cancel the appointment

Step 5. On the day of the appointment, your representative must submit all your requirements

Step 6. Have your authorized representative send your NBI clearance to your present address. Once they receive it, advise your representative to send the NBI Clearance to you via airmail

Step 7. Once you receive your NBI clearance, check it, and inspect it

Step 8. Ask for the help of police in your area or in the embassy before affixing your thumbprint

How long will it take?

Processing NBI clearance usually takes a week to process once they receive your application but it will be advisable if you gave at least a month for the whole process to be done.

How much will it cost?

NBI Clearance application will cost Php 140, your representative will be advised to pay it at the Bayad Center or any other payment channels in partner with NBI.

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