Paying Credit Card Using Guide

Owning a credit card makes purchasing convenient for us. Even if you don’t have cash on hand, as long as you have your credit card in your wallet, you can buy whatever you want from the stores that accept cards as a payment method. However, if you’re planning to get a credit card or if you already own one, you must be a responsible payor when paying your credit card. You must not forget to pay your bills on time to avoid any problems and penalties.

Good thing is that there are already payment providers you can use when paying your credit card easily and conveniently. As long as you have the application of the payment provider, you can pay your bills anytime and anywhere you want.

In short, there’s no point in forgetting to pay your bills since you can now pay it without a hassle, and to make sure that you won’t forget it, you can set an alarm or note on the day of your payment schedule.

One of the payment providers that offers a convenient way of paying bills is the, if you wanted to know how to use the app, this might help you.

Here’s How:

Step. 1 Download application using Playstore for android or AppStore for iPhone and then create an account

Step 2. Afterward, click “Pay Bills”

Step 3. The system will then display the bills option. Choose “Credit Card” and then select your provider

Step 4. Click the provider you choose. Afterward, enter the exact amount of your payment then click “Next”

Step 5. Enter the card holder’s name and card number then click “Next”

Step 6. All the details you put will be shown, check it. If there’s no correction, click “slide to confirm” to complete your transaction

For every bill that you’re paying, you will get Php 5.00 or more cashback. Isn’t it great? You can now take advantage of the convenient way of paying bills plus you can get a cashback in every transaction.

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