RFID Installation Guide

What is RFID Installation?

Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID Installation is a small radio transponder. It is a receiver and a transmitter at the same time.

Once RFID’s triggered by an electromagnetic reader, it will transfer the data to a software system that tracks the activity of¬†vehicles that has an RFID installed in them.

RFID Installation is mandated by the government. So every car owner must have an RFID installed in their car for them to use expressways. If you don’t have an RFID yet, this is a guide for you.

There are two types of RFID which is the Autosweep RFID and the Easytrip RFID.

Autosweep RFID:
-STAR Tollway

Easytrip RFID:

How to Get Autosweep RFID?

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the installation of Autosweep RFID needs an online appointment first. They are strictly implementing the appointment-based installation, meaning if you don’t have an online appointment you will not be able to get an RFID. Therefore, if you’re planning to get an Auto sweep RFID, make an appointment first. All you need to do is:

1. Visit their website or just click this link: Autosweep RFID Online Appointment
2. Access the link and then choose your preferred location, just click “Choose Installation Site”
3. Afterward, choose your preferred date.
3. Put the information such as:
-Email Address (Make sure it’s active)
-Complete Name
-Plate Number of the Car
-Preferred Time of Appointment
-Vehicle Class ID
4. After that tick the small box and then submit
5. Lastly, an email will be sent to your email address.

Once you receive the email it means that your application is confirmed. Bring your phone where the email was sent because you will need to show it on the day of your appointment.

How to Get Easytrip RFID?

Click the link below to see locations and updated installation sites of RFID. However, it changes from time to time so you must check it before planning to get it.
Easytrip RFID Installation Sites

Once you got your RFID installed you might want to know how to check your RFID balance and how to reload.

For more inquiries, you may contact the Toll Regulatory Board using this hotline: (02) 8631-5901, (02) 8631-5025, (02) 8631-6034 or send them an email using this link: Contact US TRB

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