Guide on How to Check RFID Balance Online

An RFID is mandatory to every car owner for them to be allowed to pass expressways and tollways. If you already have an RFID installed on your car, that’s good since you will be able to experience a no-hassle and cashless payment when traveling.

That might be convenient for every car owner, but remember that if you have an RFID installed in your car, it is very important to keep watch on your balance to avoid any inconvenience in your travel and also to be aware of when you should reload.

If you wanted to know how to check your balance, this might help you.

How to Check RFID Balance Online (AutoSweep):

-Text AUTOSWEEP [space] BALINQ [space] Plate Number
for example: AUTOSWEEP BALINQ K10902
-Send to 0917-860-8655 for Globe or  0918-860-8655 for Smart

Via App
-Using your android mobile phone, go to the AutoSweep website and look for the download link which says  “How to Install the Autosweep RFID Balance Inquiry App”
-Once downloaded, open the APK file on your “Downloads” folder
-Tap “Yes” when prompted
-Once downloaded, register your account
-Log in to your account and click on the “Balance” button to check your remaining balance

Via Website
-Visit AutoSweep website and register your account
-To register you must provide these details:
1. Account Number
2. Plate Number
3. Card Number
4. Email Address
5. Full Name
-Afterward, log in to your account, just type your  email address and password
– Go to “Enrolled Account” and click “Balance” button
– Your balance will then be displayed

How to Check EasyTrip Balance:

Via App
-Download the EasyTrip App on your phone
-If you don’t have an account yet, please create and register
-After creating, log in your account
-Provide details that will be asked by the system and then click “Save”
-Afterward, click your account and then view your balance

Via Website
-Visit EasyTrip website
-Click “Sign up” and then provide necessary details
-Afterward, log in to your account
-Click your registered account to check your balance

-You must be knowledgeable on how to check RFID balance online before planning to use expressways or tollways, because if you don’t have enough balance the barrier will not go up, and you will not be able to pass through it. It will just cause you inconvenience and you might get issued a traffic citation/violation ticket, so keep an eye on your balance.

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