Benefits of Being an OWWA Member

Working far from your family is hard, that’s why being an OFW is challenging because you need to endure everything and be strong for your goals. That’s why it’s a relief for every OFWs knowing that there’s an agency that aims to help them and protect their rights as OFW and that is the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

If you’re an OFW and a member of OWWA, here’s the list of benefits you can get.

What are the benefits of being an OWWA member?


If you’re an OFW and a member of OWWA, you can apply for a loan that is called Overseas Filipino Workers – Enterprise Development and Loan Program (OFW-EDLP). This loan allows you to borrow money to fund a small business to help your families in the Philippines. The good thing about this loan is that it has a low monthly rate.

OWWA Medical Assistance

This benefit is available for those active OWWA members and PhilHealth members at the same time. This is one-time supplemental assistance for every member who got hospitalized while they are abroad or even in the Philippines. They will be shouldering as much as Php 50,000 for medical and surgical procedures. Diseases that were covered by medical assistance are the following:
-Heart diseases
-Chronic kidney disease
-Liver diseases

OWWA Disability Benefits

This benefit will be given to those OWWA members with a partial or total permanent disability due to an accident. They will be able to receive Php 2,500 up to Php 25,000 for partial disability while Php 50,000 up to Php 100,000 for total permanent disability.

OWWA Death Benefits

This type of benefit is cash assistance that will be given to the family of an OWWA member who died within the duration of their employment contract. The amount that will be given will depend on the cause of death.
For natural cause, they will receive Php 100,000 while for accidental cause, they will receive Php 200,000. Aside from that, OWWA will also shoulder the burial benefit amounting to Php 20,000.

OWWA Education Benefits

This benefit will be able to every OWWA member or their beneficiaries. This benefit is consist of five regular scholarship which are the following:
1. Education for Development Scholarship Program
-4-5 years course
-Up to Php 60,000 per school year
2. OFW Dependent Scholarship Program
-Baccalaureate or associate degree in CHED accredited college
-Up to Php 20,000 per school year
3. Skills for Employment Scholarship Program
-Short Term course/ 6 months to 2 years
– Up to Php 14,500 per course
4. Seafarer’s Upgrading Program
-Training assistance
-Up to Php 7,500
5. Education and Livelihood Assistance Program
-Educational assistance for a family member of deceased OWWA member
a. Php 5,000 for elementary
b. Php 8,000 for high school
c. Php 10,000 for college

OWWA Repatriation Program

This benefit is in charge of helping ex-OFWs. In case they lost their job due to natural calamities, political instability, or emergencies, they will help Filipinos go back to their families safely.

OWWA Reintegration Program

This benefit will help OFWs who go back to the Philippines for good. This program will provide different forms of assistance to help ex-OFWs start a new life.

 OWWA Rebate Program

This program is in charge of giving back to a long time OWWA members. The amount of rebate that will be given back will be based on the percentage of the total amount an OFW-member has contributed. Rebate Php 941.25 or as much as Php 13,177.50 if you have paid 70 contributions.

OWWA Welfare Assistance Program

This program targets all those OFWs who are not eligible for any OWWA benefits and services. OWWA make a way to help other OFWs by creating this program. This program includes providing the following:
-Calamity Assistance
a. Php 500 up to Php 1,000 for Natural Disasters
b. Php 1,500 up to Php 3,000 for Man-Made Disasters
-Medical Assistance
-Bereavement Assistance (Php 20,000)
-Relief Assistance

Those benefits that were mentioned above will be a great help to every OFWs. So if you’re an OFW make sure to be a member of OWWA to be able to avail all of the benefits they offer, and aside from the benefits they offer what matters the most is that they protect your rights as an OFW. If by any chance you encountered a problem while working abroad, you definitely can rely on them.

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