Earn $20 per hour with these freelance job online

If you have a job but you think your salary isn’t enough for your expenses and savings, you must try having a side hustle or sideline job. Many Filipinos are doing side hustle nowadays, especially at this time. One of the most in-demand side hustle is the freelance job online. Even though this is just a sideline, this job will make you earn $20 or Php 1000 in just an hour.

If you think you got the skills and the knowledge, you must try to apply. So that you will earn extra money and be able to save. Check out these freelance job online you may consider to try.

Here’s the list of Freelance Job Online you may try:

Social Media Manager

This side hustle is very in demand here in the Philippines due to large number of social media users. If you developed expertise in this job, you be able to market of different social media platform which will give you a higher salary.
Salary Range: $14 – $35 / Php 700 – Php 1,700 per hour

Video Editor

Creating a video is profitable. But, before you earn money in creating videos, you must have a client first. Find client who needs a video for their marketing. That is one of the most used marketing strategy now. That is why video editor is a good side hustle.
Salary Range: $15 – $ 30 / Php 750 – Php 1,500 per hour

Graphic Designer

This type of job actually includes a wide range of tasks. It includes designing web pages, creating brochures, logos, signs, advertisements, and other communication materials that may help to market a product or service. That is why a lot of clients are looking for a graphic designer.
Salary Range: $14 – $35/ Php 700 – Php 1,700 per hour

Logo Designer

Logo designer is an in demand job as well because many business or companies needs their own logo that will be remembered by their customers. They are in charge in creating about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company or business. They can create either a symbol or brandmark and a logotype, along with it’s known tagline. That is why logo designer is a good side hustle, if you want to apply for it.
Salary Range: $15 – $ 30 / Php 750 – Php 1,500 per hour

Search engine optimization (SEO) Expert

SEO experts are in charge in improving website rankings on major search engines. It includes Google, Yahoo! and also Bing. They ensures on-page optimization to produce and give a relevant results when searching. They are also in charge in giving a positive user experience and growing site traffic.
Salary Range: $15 – $ 30 / Php 750 – Php 1,500 per hour

Copy Writer

Copy writer are in demand. Most companies need their service in terms of creating a home or landing pages, product pages, subscription pages, blogs, and newsletters. They are in charge in creating a writing prose for the purpose of advertising to promote and sell products and services to their customers. This is a good side hustle as well.
Salary Range: $ 19 – $45 / Php 900 – Php 2,200 per hour

Business Plan Writer

Business plan is important when building a business. However, there are entrepreneurs who don’t know how to create a business plan, that is why they hire someone who can create it for them. This side hustle is one of the highest paid job since they are in charge in outlining the business and create a clear mission statement that will help them earn, launch products and earn funding.
Salary Range: $25 – $75 / Php 1,200 – Php 3,600 per hour

HTML Developer

HTML Developer is very important when creating a website. They are in charge in creating codes to create the visual appearance of websites. They Sometimes collaborate with web designers and back-end web developers to create the best website for their client. If you can handle stress effectively this is a perfect job for you.
Salary Range: $15 – $ 30 / Php 750 – Php 1,500 per hour

Google Analytics Expert

Google Analytics Expert is very vital in every business that is operating online. They are in charge of tracking website activity including the source of the traffic, session duration, pages per session, bounce rate of persons who are using the site.
Salary Range: $15 – $ 40 / Php 750 – Php 2,000 per hour

Business Consultant

Being a business consultant is a good job becasue this is one of the most paid job in online freelancing platform. However, you must be a professional business consultant before planning to get a client.
Salary Range: $28 – $98 / Php 1,300 – Php 4,700 per hour


It is very imporatant to every business to have an accountant. That is why many online business owner are hiring an account to manage their accounts, taxes, payrolls, income and expenditure, auditing, even reports and budget. This job is perfect for you if you’re an accountant professional.
Salary Range: $12 – $ 30 / Php 500- Php 1,500 per hour

Photo Editor

If you’re into photography, this will be a perfcet side hustle for you. Many client are looking for editor that can do what they want in their photo. You might not earn a huge amount by editing a photo for hourly rate, but you can find a client who want to get charged per batch and that is great.
Salary Range: $12 – $ 25 / Php 500- Php 1,200 per hour

You can try all the freelance online job that were listed above. Look for where you will earn more and at the same time you will enjoy.

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