Available Cash Loan Without Bank Account

Sometimes emergencies happen in a time when we least expect it the most. Unfortunately, there are times that we will be running out of cash when an emergency happens. What will you do if that happens to you? Good thing, a cash loan without a bank account is now possible. There are loaning agencies that offer urgent cash assistance even if you don’t have a bank account.

Usually, one of the main requirements, when you’re applying for a loan, is a bank account. Why? because this will serve as proof to the lenders that you have a constant and consistent income. However, not everyone has a bank account, if that is the case, you may check these cash loan agencies that doesn’t require bank account.

Here’s the list of Cash Loan Agencies that doesn’t require bank account:

Pawn Shop

Pawn shop is very famous in providing quick cash, as long as you have a valuable item or jewelry, you can definitely get a cash instantly.

Another good thing about a pawn shop is that you will never run out of options. There are so many pawnshops all around that Philippines that can help your urgent financial needs.

However, do note that when you give your item in pawnshop, it will serve as a collateral. But, you can redeem your item any time you want, by paying what you owe. Remember that if you don’t repay the loan during the redemption period, the pawnshop can sell it to recover the cash you owe.

Here are some famous pawnshops:

Private Lenders

Private Lenders doesn’t need an item in exchange of money. All you need to do is sign up and submit and ID to them before they approve your loan. Good thing about this loan is that it can approved within just hours.

However, do note that this kind of loan has a high-interest rates and penalties if you didn’t pay on time. That will definitely cause you a problem. So if you prefer this kind of loan, you must check first if you have the ability to pay it on time.

Private Lending Institutions:
  • TALA
  • RoboCash
  • ACOM
  • U-Peso
  • RadioWealth

5-6 Lenders

This type of loan provider is famous to those who own a small business. If you want to apply for a loan in 5-6, just ask people. They will definitely tell you where to find 5-6 lenders.

However, this type of loan will allow you to pay weekly or daily. So it is important to check your financial capability first before applying for this type of loan.

To conclude, whichever type of loan you may choose, what important is you must be a responsible payor. Pay on time and the exact amount you should pay. So if by any chance you will be needing urgent money again, you can ask for financial assistance from them.

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