Tips to Avoid Illegal Recruiters

The numbers of illegal recruiters continue to rise as time passes by. That is because many Filipinos are very eager to pursue their career abroad. Why? because Filipinos believe that if you work abroad you will earn a lot of money, and that is correct indeed. However, working abroad is hard and very risky if you didn’t find a legal agency that will help you and back you up if something happens. So if you’re planning to work abroad you should avoid illegal recruiters and here are some tips to do that.

Here are Some Tips to Avoid Illegal Recruiters:

Only go to License Recruitment Agency

Be extra careful when looking for a recruitment agency because some of them are running their business without a license. Do not believe if they say “fast way” to go abroad, because that is a sugar coated word that doesn’t guarantee anything. Do note that if you want to go abroad, there’s a lot of processes that need to be done, so “fast way” is unbelievable.

Believe POEA Advise

  • Always verify to POEA
  • Don’t accept or believe under-the -able deals
  • Only believe a job opening that has an Approved Job Order
  • Illegal Recruiter are not knowledgeable about job offers abroad

Only Believe Authorized Agencies

Always remember that illegal agencies will promise you many things. They will make you believe that they are legit. So if you feel suspicious, then you should back off. Conduct a research first or best if to get in touch with POEA. Usually, illegal agencies will offer you a faster way of going abroad with just a small fees but that is definitely that right. Do note that Legal agencies may ask you to pay higher and the process may take longer but you have an assurance that all your money and effort will be worth it.

About Fees and Working Visa

  • The allowed placement fee is only the first-month salary
  • Sign the fees after you sign an employment contract
  • Legal Agencies will provide your an official receipt
  • Legal agencies will not ask you for immediate payment
  • Legal agencies will advise you to get a working visa not a tourist visa

Illegal recruiters are just roaming around everywhere looking for someone they can scam. So be very vigilant in looking for a legit agency/recruiter or better yet, get in touch with POEA.

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