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Before, we got used to enduring the long hours of waiting due to a long queue just to wait for our turn. Since there are so many Filipinos who visit POEA especially OFWs. Luckily, POEA created a way to make it very convenient for everyone who wanted to set an appointment with them via POEA OFW Records Online Appointment System. You can now set an appointment with POEA online. If you wanted to know more, this might help.

What is POEA OFW Records Online Appointment System?

The POEA OFW Records Online Appointment System was created by POEA Central Records Division for OFWs to secure the information of OFWs. In addition, this service aims to provide a convenient way for OFWs to set an appointment online. Since this will save time and provide assurance that they will receive a certified copy of their previous and latest deployment records that were available in the POEA database.

Who can use the Online Appointment System Service?

  • OFWs who have Overseas Employment Certificate
  • Family / Relatives of OFWs
  • Recruitment Agency (Must be legal with license)
  • Government Agencies
  • Private Entities

What are the Advantages if I Use POEA OFW Records Online Appointment System:

  • You can choose freely on your schedule date and time
  • Set an appointment anytime you want 24/7
  • Rest assured that you will accommodated on the day of your schedule

Requirements Needed:

  • Certification of OFW Records Form or Appointment Form
  • Valid ID
  • Passport
  • Notarized Special Power of Attorney (If OFW is not available) and check for other requirements on the POEA website for persons who aren’t OFW

Registration Procedure:

  • Register at
  • For New Users:
    • Click the “New User” button
    • Choose the “Register/Make an Appointment” button
    • Fill up the required information and choose your preferred appointment date
  • For Previous Users:
    • Log in your previous Appointment Reference Number (ARN)
    • Choose your preferred appointment date
  • Afterward, your appointment form will be displayed. Click “Print”
  • Bring your printed form on the day of your schedule associated with the required documents

-Make sure to be on time, don’t be late. Latecomers will be served last.
-You can cancel and reschedule your appointment
-Free of charge

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