TESDA Online Application Process

It is true that the Philippines is full of talented and intelligent Filipinos. However, not all of them can go to school. Many weren’t able to go to school because they don’t have money to support their education. Good thing, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) created a way to help indigenous people who wanted to learn for FREE. TESDA now offers courses that can be helpful to many Filipinos. If you’re one of the people who wanted to learn but don’t have enough budget, check this TESDA Online Application Process and apply now.

TESDA is under the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program which aims to help Filipinos to be better and uplift themselves to change their living status. If they finish the courses that were being offered by TESDA, they can use the skills they learned to earn money.

In-Demand Free TESDA Online Courses
TESDA Online Courses

Who are the Main Focus of TESDA Free Course:

  • Informal Workers
  • Fisherfolks
  • Indigenous People
  • Farmers
  • Drug dependents or Surrenderees
  • Women victims of abuse and human trafficking
  • OFW’s
  • Persons with disabilities (PWDs)

Easy Steps for TESDA Online Application Process:

  1. Visit TESDA webpage
  2. Fill up the application
  3. Click “Agree” in the Terms and Condition
  4. Afterward, click “Create Button” and then receive your learner’s ID
  5. Select the course you want, choose in this page: list of courses
  6. Enter your last name and your learner’s ID
  7. Verify your profile and complete the application
  8. Lastly, check your email if you receive feedback from TESDA

If by any chance you plan to enroll in TESDA free courses, that’ll be a good choice because it will be an additional skill and knowledge you can use in the future.

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