Tips to Protect Yourself from Financial Scammers Online

Due to technological advancement, many people are now using digital apps and online wallets. The main reason why they preferred to do transactions online because it’s very convenient. As long as they have a smartphone to use and a stable source of internet connection, they can do transactions anytime and anywhere they want. However, since online wallet is gaining popularity, cyber crimes are rising as well. So it is important to be very vigilant when doing transactions online. To avoid getting scammed online, check out these tips to protect yourself from financial scammers online.

Here Are Some Tips to Protect Yourself from Financial Scammers Online:

Do not share personal information online

This is one of the important things you should remember. Do not share any personal information online. Be very careful when using social media as this can be used by scammers. So to avoid scammers from getting your information, do not share it with anyone especially online if it’s not necessary.

Use a very strong password

When doing a password make sure you create a strong one. Try using a combination of numbers and letters associated with basic punctuation marks if allowed. However, a strong password is very hard to remember so make sure to write it down.

Use two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication is advisable to everyone who uses online banking. This will help you monitor if someone is trying to open your financial account. So you must consider activating this option.

Activate Security Alerts

Activating security alerts will help you be proactive, especially when someone is trying to access your financial account without your consent. If you activate the security alert of your financial account, it will send you alerts via message or via email.

Verify Legitimacy

If you’re going to have a transaction with anyone online, verify their legitimacy first. Make sure you’re dealing with the right person. You may consider checking reviews and recommendations by other people who had a transaction with them. In addition, if you’re dealing with financial organizations, you may check their legitimacy online if they are registered to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As a final point, all the things that were mentioned above does not guarantee anything, but it will help you avoid getting scammed online. So you may try it.

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