Best Mobile Wallets in the Philippines

Due to technological advancement here in the Philippines, many companies have introduced mobile wallets to the public. Mobile wallets will make your shopping life easier without any hassle. Why? because customers can use mobile wallets if they wanted to make in-store payments. In addition, it offers a convenient way of paying compared to paying with cash or carrying credit cards. So if you wanted to experience a cashless and convenient way of paying, check out the list of best mobile wallets in the Philippines.

List of Best Mobile Wallets in the Philippines


Gcash is a mobile wallet that is available to everyone who wanted to use it. This mobile wallet allows you to pay bills, receive and send money, shop online, buy loads, and many more things. Your mobile number will be synced to your Gcash account. If you already have Gcash, you can do transactions anytime and anywhere you prefer.


Paymaya is a mobile app that serves as a virtual prepaid card where users can shop online, send and receive money book flight tickets, buy games, tickets, and also pay bills. is a free mobile app that can be downloaded using a smartphone. It is a secure and trusted mobile wallet that allows you to access financial services from your phone even if you don’t have a bank account or credit card.


Dragonpay is a mobile app that can be used by business owners and also consumers. It doesn’t require a credit card to function. Just download the app using a smartphone and use it anytime and anywhere you prefer.


Moneygment is a mobile wallet app that is available to everyone, especially for self-employed individuals, small to medium enterprises, OFWs, and unbanked Filipinos. Like other mobile wallets, they can also use this app to pay your bills, loans, taxes, send money, receive money, and pay government agencies.

As a final point, all the mobile wallet that was mentioned above was just a few. There are so many mobile wallet applications available to the public. Just make sure to be a responsible mobile wallet owner. Take care of your account so it doesn’t get hacked. Don’t just give your personal information to anyone, be very vigilant.

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