Major Cost You’ll Encounter in Building a New House

Everyone dreams to have their own house. It became one of the greatest achievements we wanted to achieve aside from having savings and a car. However, building a new house is very expensive. The amount of the house will depend on how big you want it. The bigger the house, the expensive it is. If you’re planning to get your house done, you must be aware of the major cost you’ll encounter in building a new home. If you wanted to know what are those major costs, this might help you.

Here are the Major Cost You’ll Encounter in Building a New House:

Architect and Engineer fee

You must hire an architect and an engineer to design and supervise the process of building your house. In that case, you will be at peace knowing that your house is safe and beautiful.


Buying construction material will be considered as the major cost. Why? because materials are expensive. So it is very important that you’re prepared financially when you’re planning to build a house so there will be no cause of delay.


Of course, when building a house you need construction workers. As of this writing, the construction worker’s fee is Php 500 per day, depending on your agreement. So you also need to allocate a budget for workers who will help build your dream house.

Documents and Permit

Building a house will require you to get documents and a permit and of course, those permits and documents have fees. So make sure that you have allotted a budget for it.

Here are some of the permits you need to get:

  • Building Permit
  • Barangay Permit
  • Lot title / Lot Plan
  • Occupancy Permit
  • Tax Declaration
  • Tax Receipts
  • Cedula

As a final point, building a house isn’t easy. It will require time, effort, and most especially money. You need to have sufficient funds to finish your dream house because if not it will cause delay which is not good. So before you start planning to build your own house, make sure you have enough savings. In addition, if you really wanted to have your own house but doesn’t have enough fund, ask support from banks and government agencies that offer a housing loan.

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