SSS Sickness Benefit Guide

Social Security System (SSS) sickness benefit is very helpful to its member. If a member is unable to work due to sickness or injury, they will receive a daily allowance from SSS. This benefit is very helpful to its members. Aside from its main purpose of providing financial assistance, this benefit will also save you from distress. So if you’re a sick SSS member, take advantage of the sickness benefit. Here’s a SSS sickness benefit guide that may help you know more.

SSS Sickness Benefit Guidelines

How much is the SSS Sickness Benefit?

SSS will give a daily cash allowance to a sick member who will qualify for the benefit. The benefit is equivalent to 90% of the average daily salary credit.

Who are Eligible to Apply?

  • Paid at least 3 months contribution
  • Must be confined for at least 4 days
  • Has informed the SSS (self-employed)
  • Has informed the employer (employed)
  • Used all sick leave with pay (employed)

What are the Requirements Needed?

  • Sickness Benefit Application (SBA) Form
  • SSS ID or UMID, if not available you can use the following:
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Voter’s ID
    • NBI Clearance
    • Postal ID
  • Medical documents

Where can the member file the sickness benefit claim?

The SSS sickness benefit can be filed by employed, self-employed and voluntary member at any SSS branch near their location whichever is convenient for them.

Here’s the Submission Process of the Employees’ Sickness Notification:

  • Visit SSS website
  • Log in as an employer then click submit
  • Click the “E-Services” tab
  • Choose “Submit Sickness Notification”
  • Provide the needed information such as:
    • SS Number
    • SS Name
    • Start of Sick Leave
    • Claim Type (SSS or EC)
    • Confinement Location
    • Number of days applied
    • PRC ID number of attending Physician
  • Click “Submit”
  • A transaction number will be issued as proof of successful transaction
  • Make sure to download and print the transmittal list of the Sickness Notification

For more information and inquiries, you may contact SSS through this customer service hotline (02) 8920 6446 or email them at

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