How to Lock your Facebook Profile

Stealing someone’s identity is very prone nowadays because they are using it to scam other people. That’s why it is a good thing that Facebook created a way to protect our profile from unknown people who wanted to take advantage of our photos and identity. Locking your Facebook profile is now possible. If you wish to lock your profile, here is a guide on how to lock your Facebook profile.

Why Should I Lock My Profile?

  • Limited view of the profile to people who are not on the friends list on Facebook
  • People who are not on the friends list will not see any of your photos. Only your profile picture but they can’t click it
  • Only your friends will see your photos, posts, profile picture, cover photo, and stories.
  • Unknown users will not be able to steal your picture or identity

Here’s How to Lock your Facebook Profile

Locking your Facebook profile using a mobile phone

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Click the three bars at the upper right part and then view your profile
  3. Afterward, tap the three dots right next to “Add to Story”
  4. There, you will see a “Lock Profile” option, then click it
  5. Once you click it, an brief explanation will appear
  6. If you wish to continue, just click “Lock Your Profile”
  7. Lastly, a pop-up will appear saying that “You Locked Your Profile”, then click OK

Locking your Facebook profile using a desktop

  1. Visit
  2. Replace “www” with “m” so that the URL now reads “”
  3. Afterward, you will be redirected to a mobile version of Facebook on your desktop browser
  4. Click the three dot menu beside the Edit Profile option
  5. Once clicked, you will see an option to “Lock Profile”, just tap it
  6. Then a pop-up will show you how Facebook lock works
  7. Lastly, an option to “Lock Your Profile” will appear, just click it

It will be easier if you will use a mobile phone to lock your profile rather than using a desktop, but if you don’t have a mobile phone a desktop can be an option.

As a final point, the decision of locking your profile still depends on you. You can lock it or not, but if you want your Facebook account to be private then you should consider locking your profile.

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