Ways to Generate SSS PRN

It is important to keep your SSS payment updated so you will be eligible for all the benefits they offer. Good thing SSS created a way to make payment easier for its members. All members just need to generate PRN and pay at any payment counters associated with SSS. If you’re interested to know some ways to generate SSS PRN, this might help you.

What is PRN?

PRN is a personal reference number that is being issued by SSS. All active members must use PRN when paying for their contributions. Without PRN SSS will not be able to update your SSS records.

Here Are Some Ways to Generate SSS PRN

Via SSS Application

All you need is a smartphone and an internet account. Download the SSS App in App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, you need to log in. Afterwards, select the “Generate PRN/SOA” icon and tap “Generate” button. Fill out all the needed details and then submit. Once submitted, your PRN number will appear. Make sure to take a screenshot and download the file as a PDF file then print it later.

Via Text Message

Another option is to send a text message to get a PRN number. Just follow this format:

Then send it to 2600

Once you sent the message, you will receive a confirmation reply associated with a four digit PIN. Take note of the pin and then use it to generate a PRN. Just follow this format:


Be advised that text message will cost Php 2.5 for GLOBE and SMART cellular and Php 2 for SUN cellular.

Via Online

Visit SSS Portal. Go to your employer log in tab and then enter your log in details. Once you access the account, select “Payment Reference Number” in the menu. Review your details and then click “SSS PRN” generator button to create one.

Via SSS PRN Helpline

Call SSS Hotline: (02) 920-6446 to 55/917-7777 or 1-800-10-2255-777

This hotline is open anytime between Monday-Fridays. In addition, you can send them an email as well at [email protected] or [email protected]

Via SSS Counter

Visit the nearest SSS branch in your location. Present your UMID or SSS ID and then wait while they process your PRN.

Any of the following in an option, you may choose whichever is convenient for you. Just make sure to pay your contribution regularly to avoid any delays when claiming your SSS benefits.

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