Apps That Let You Earn Money

Being stuck at home during a pandemic is devastating. Imagine staying at home without doing anything, it’s boring, isn’t it? Aside from that, being stuck at home also causes problems to our mental health. There are a lot of factors that might affect our mental health. Including isolation, bereavement, and most specifically loss of income. Fortunately, there are ways to ease our boredom during the pandemic, and what good thing about it is that you can earn money. Check out the apps that let you earn money while using it at home.

List of Apps That Let You Earn Money at Home

Slidejoy App

This app is free for android users. It works by replacing your Android phone’s lock screen to show promoted content. Once you download the app and sign-up, you will be able to choose your preferred lock screen theme. If you want to open your phone all you need to do is to swipe right and then swipe left to see more information about the displayed ad. You earn will earn Carats for every ad and 1,000 carats is equivalent to $1.


This app is an online survey platform that helps companies to gather market intelligence and learn more about their potential customers. MOBROG will reward you when you participate and answer their surveys. Once you completed the survey, you will receive credit on your participant account. The amount will be based on the length of the survey you will answer. You can then have your money paid out via PayPal.

Userfeel App

Userfeel app works by providing remote usability testing on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. This app was used to record usability tests and increase your website’s performance. The amount of money you will earn from this app will depend on your rating as a tester. The Userfeel team will be the one to rate your first qualification test. Afterward, the customer will rate you for each paid test you will take which means the better your rating, the more test will be assigned to you, the larger the money you will get.

Brandbassador App

The Brandbassador app aims to increase brand visibility and engagement to more people on social media by providing you tools to manage, motivate and communicate with your ambassadors. In short, they will help you to grow your sales. If you want to earn using this app, you can become an ambassador for your favorite organizations or brands. All you need to do is to complete the mission they will give to you. Help them spread the word about the product or organization. Once you’ve done your part, you will earn and commission on every sale you generate. You can also turn your earnings into gift cards and spend them in their online store.

Foap App

If you are into photography this is perfect for you. This app is a free photo app that allows you to sell your photos. It can be downloaded on IOS and android. All you need to do is to upload your photos to the Foap app and it will become available on the Foap Market to millions of photo buyers all over the world.

As a final point, if you have a lot of free time while staying at home you may consider trying these apps that allow you to earn money. Just choose the perfect app for you and enjoy using it to earn more money.

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