Canada Needs Over 1 Million Workers Over The Next 5 Years

Canada has been a friendly country to every immigrant who wanted to experience living in their country. Just recently, Canada announced that they will be offering work to make up for the severe labor shortage. Canada needs over 1 million workers over the next 5 years.

Severe labor shortage happened because the birth rate declined and the Canadian youth preferred to move and work in big cities for high-paying jobs such as communication, financial, and service sectors.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada has granted authorization to the provinces of Canada to hire foreign employee workers until 2024. In that case, the percentage of labor will increase again.

Filipinos have a higher chance of getting qualified. If they applied since Filipinos are known to be fluent in English language.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) accredited numerous licensed recruiting agencies because of many job offers from Canada. Take note that a placement fee is not permitted in accredited recruitment agencies.

Manny Geslani, a recruitment consultant and migration specialist, warns aspiring applicants who want to work in Canada to be very vigilant. He advised Filipinos to avoid direct hiring by immigration consultancies and bloggers who post hundreds of job postings.

According to Geslani, interested job seekers who wanted apply an can apply directly to POEA recognized agencies that have been awarded accredited Canadian work orders.

Do note that the applicant only need to pay for their passport.

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