600 Nurses Needed in Germany This 2022

POEA needs to hire 600 nurses for Germany this year under the Triple Win program. This will be done to fill the shortage of care services in Germany.

According to a private employer in Germany who owns 25 nursing homes. Germany needs more nurses because the population of elderly who needs care services is increasing.

As per Mathias Hallerbach of C&C Germany, “Until 2030, we’re looking at the like of hundred-thousand nurses per year. It depends on the statistics you’re looking at, but in general, the need is tremendous,”

However, German language proficiency is a must. It is the main requirement needed if you apply for the program. That is why it will take at least a year to process an application.

Nurses who will be hired will receive a starting monthly salary of €2,300 or PHP 135,700. Once the nurse receives a qualified recognition, they will receive an increase amounting to € 2,800 or Php 165,20. In addition, they will also have an opportunity to get permanent residency in Germany.

However, due to the deployment cap of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), only 7,000 health care workers will be allowed to leave the country for this year 2022.

As per Secretary Abdullah Mamao, secretary of the newly established Department of Migrant Workers, “That is one area that we can be flexible because of the big requirements of medical workers in different countries,”.

There will be more opportunities for Filipinos abroad. Including Europe, Canada, and Turkey, as per Mamao.

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