Home-Based Jobs with High Salary

Being a regular employee is tiring. The idea of waking up early in the morning to prepare yourself for work and traveling for hours to get to your office without being late. It’s kind of exhausting, isn’t it? Don’t you know that you can get a job while staying at home? Homebased jobs are now being offered by many companies. If you’re interested what are those jobs, here are some home-based jobs with high salary you may apply for.

List of Home-Based Jobs with High Salary

App Developer

  • Monthly salary: Php 44,155
  • Technology industry
  • Work Description: They conceptualize, create, design, produce and test software.

Web Developer

  • Monthly salary: Php 31,831
  • Technology industry
  • Work Description: Creates and designs websites.

Web Content Manager

  • Monthly salary: Php 56,416
  • Creative services industry
  • Work Description: In charge to supervise writers and other personnel who creates content for the client. They evaluate, design, and oversee the product before giving it to the client.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Monthly salary: Php 42,790
  • Marketing industry
  • Work Description: Creates strategies for website or business promotion. In charge of marketing, web analytics, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email, and many more.

Client Services Specialist

  • Monthly salary: Php 28,533
  • Management industry
  • Work Description: Forefront when communicating with clients. Handles escalations. Making sure that a good relationship with clients is being maintained.

Marketing Specialist

  • Monthly salary: Php 22,120
  • Marketing industry
  • Work Description: Conducts research for current trends and expands social media influence. Creates campaign to ensure the client’s success.

Business Analyst

  • Monthly salary: Php 36,038
  • Technology industry
  • Work Description: In charge of improving and maintaining good business workflow.

System Engineer

  • Monthly salary: Php 31,048
  • Information technology industry
  • Work Description: Fix technical issues. Manage system installation, testing, and operation of the software.

Technical Writer

  • Monthly salary: Php 32,651
  • Creative services industry
  • Work Description: Makes technical details comprehensible to readers.

Quality Analyst

  • Monthly salary: Php 22,937
  • Business Development industry
  • Work Description: Review and check errors for products and services.

Virtual Assistant

  • Monthly salary: Php 23,505
  • Digital services industry
  • Work Description: Provides services for clients such as social media marketing, web design, email, managing calendars, e-commerce, setting appointments, and many more.

Video Editor

  • Monthly salary: Php 24,098
  • Creative services industry
  • Work Description: They edit, create, and produce a video.


  • Monthly salary: Php 26,292
  • Creative services industry
  • Work Description: Creates written content that will catch the reader’s interest.

Online Teacher

  • Monthly salary: Php 19,131
  • Education industry
  • Work Description: Teach foreign students to read, write, and learn the English language. 

Web Researcher

  • Monthly salary: Php 21,794
  • Digital Services
  • Work Description: Navigates the web to get information.

Graphic Designer

  • Monthly salary: Php 23,727
  • Arts and Design industry
  • Work Description: They are in charge to design, create, and develop visual concepts.

SEO Specialist

  • Monthly salary: Php 30,321
  • Digital Marketing industry
  • Work Description: An SEO specialist is in charge of analyzing a website’s performance in terms of search results.

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