Things Debt Collectors Are Forbidden To Do

Borrowing money is unavoidable especially if something unexpected happens and you don’t have savings for it. The most common reason why people borrow money is because of an emergency. There are so many financial institutions that offer cash loans to people who need them. As long as you’re eligible to apply, you can definitely get the money you need. However, there are circumstances that may happen which make it harder for us to pay our debt. If in case you got into that situation, here are the things debt collectors are forbidden to do.

Here are the Things Debt Collectors Are Forbidden To Do

Threat to have you arrested

This is one of the most common strategies that collectors do when they are trying to get their money. Threatening someone to have them arrested. Remember, that no one can get arrested for not paying a debt. Do note that collectors or agencies cannot issue a warrant of arrest unless you committed fraud or crime against them but if not, they can’t put you in jail.

Shame you on public

Anyone you’re indebted to doesn’t have the right to shame you publicly even if you owe them money. What they can do is talk to you privately to settle your debt without shaming you.

Harass you

Harassment is very common when someone is collecting a debt. It may be because of stress but do note that harassment is not allowed when someone is collecting money from someone who owes them. Here are the things that they aren’t allowed to do as indicated in the law:

  • Use offensive language
  • Threat you with violence
  • Cause you harm

Pretend to be a government agency employee

Many collectors are doing this trick to threaten someone who owes them. They will pretend to work for a government agency most specifically, a law enforcement agency. Do note that no one is allowed to claim that they are working in a law enforcement agency if they’re really not.

As a final point, if you owe someone it is your responsibility to pay it. Have some respect and dignity. Remember that they lend you money without any doubt, so you must return their money, if you don’t you may lose their trust. So the next time you need help financially, they will not let you borrow again. So it is important to be responsible.

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