Filipinos Need to Earn 1.3 Million a Year to be Happy Based on a Study

Money is not everything but money is very important in our daily lives especially to sustain our daily needs. Aside from that, money also helps us to achieve our goals and dreams. It is also very crucial to have money when funding education, health care, and leisure.

As time passes by, the cost of living here in the Philippines is getting expensive day by day. Many people are getting stressed because they cannot maintain the lifestyle they want because their salary isn’t enough to sustain their daily needs and their wants.

There has been a study that determined the amount of money that Filipinos need to be happy. This study was based on a US analysis that was conducted by a Purdue University scientist. The study focuses on determining the price of happiness in every country in terms of figures.

The study shows that a Filipino should have $28,264 approximately P1.3 million a year to be happy. That’s at least Php 110,000 earning each month. That’s a huge amount, isn’t it? Especially to those people who are minimum wage earners.

According to the study, countries such as Australia, Israel and Bermuda have the highest price of happiness. Their happiness is amounting to $143,933, $135,321, and $130,457 while Argentina, Angola, and Suriname have the lowest price of happiness amounting to $6,799, $8,788, and $8,921.

The authors mentioned that money isn’t everything but it provides us the comfort and happiness of daily living.

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