GCash Cash-In via BPI Bank is Now Free

Gcash is one of the most used mobile wallets in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are now using a mobile wallet because it makes payment transactions easier and quicker. Mostly, banks in-partner with Gcash charge a fee for cash-ins. Good news, GCash cash-in via BPI bank is now free.

As per BPI, cash-in transactions from BPI to Gcash are now free of charge. Regardless if you load up on the GCash app using a linked BPI account or via the BPI app.

If you want to know how to cash via BPI bank, this might help you.

Guide on How to Transfer Fund from BPI to GCash using Gcash App:

  1. Download GCash app via PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (IOS)
  2. Open the GCash app
  3. Click the “Cash In” option
  4. Under the Online Banks option, click “BPI”
  5. Enter all the details that will be asked including the amount

Guide on How to Transfer Fund from BPI to GCash using BPI App:

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Tap the icon on the upper left side to see the menu
  3. Under the “Payments/Loan” option click “Load E-Wallet”
  4. Choose “BPI” as the source then “GCash” on select E-Wallet
  5. Add the Gcash number on the Reference Number field
  6. Add the amount

If you’re going to cash in your Gcash mobile wallet, it will be better to use BPI rather than other banks. Since BPI is the only bank that offers a free charge when transferring money online.

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