Pay PhilHealth Contribution Using ERPS

Good news to all employers out there! You can now pay your employees’ PhilHealth contribution using Electronic Payment Remittance System (EPRS). This online platform is a web-based application that allows employers to access their employee’s information. If you’re an employer and you want to know how to pay PhilHealth contributions using ERPS, this might help you.

Guide on How to Pay PhilHealth Contribution Using ERPS

All employers must be registered in PhilHealth’s Electric Payment Remittance System.

  • Things you can do with ERPS:
    • Update list of employee
    • Update premium remittance
    • Report employee contributions

How to Make Payment Transaction:

  • Click the “EPRS-Payment” Management page
  • Generate a statement of Premium Account (SPA)
  • Select the push payment button of the SPA for payment
  • Click “Online Payment” then choose your preferred online payment, including:
    • Security Bank
    • UnionBank
    • LandBank
    • BancNet
  • After choosing, the transaction will be rerouted to your chosen online payment in eGov
  • In eGov website, log in as “Maker” and answer security questions
  • Under the payment option choose “New Payments”
  • Choose “PhilHealth as a payment service then click a profile and choose SPA under File Format
  • Click “Upload”
  • Log in as “Approver” and answer the security question
  • You will then receive a notification of records for approval
  • Click the “Approval” to proceed with the payment
  • Select card and other details
  • Enter your PIN, check the tick box and click “Submit”
  • Click “OK” to confirm the transaction.
  • Upon successful transaction, a message will appear
  • To confirm if an Electronic PhilHealth Acknowledgement Receipt (EPAR) is received, click “Payment Inquiry” under Inquiry

Confirmation of EPAR Procedure:

  • As Approver, click the request of EPAR button
  • A message will appear if there is NO EPAR from ERPS and a request EPAR button will be available
    Note: Once EPAR is received, there will be no request button.

Canceling Transaction Procedure:

  • Log in as “Approver” then click the “Cancel” button
  • Indicate remarks then click “Submit”
    NOTE: Cancel button will no longer be available once the response is received

If you’re an employer, use ERPS to pay for your member’s PhilHealth contribution. It will be easier and will not take too much time to process.

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