TESDA Traning Course for Call Center

The Call Center industry is well known here in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are trying to apply at a call center company. Why? because call center companies are friendly companies. Meaning, they are entertaining all […]


High-Paying Jobs for OFWs

Many Filipinos would like to pursue their careers abroad for better opportunities. There are so many high-paying jobs for OFWs that were being offered abroad. That is why they believe that if they go abroad […]


Tips to Avoid Illegal Recruiters

The numbers of illegal recruiters continue to rise as time passes by. That is because many Filipinos are very eager to pursue their career abroad. Why? because Filipinos believe that if you work abroad you […]


Things to Avoid in a Job Interview

The idea of attending a job interview makes us feel nervous. However, we need to undergo such a thing because a job interview is necessary before you get hired. So it is important that you […]


Benefits of Being an OWWA Member

Working far from your family is hard, that’s why being an OFW is challenging because you need to endure everything and be strong for your goals. That’s why it’s a relief for every OFWs knowing […]

NBI Agent

Guide on How to Become an NBI Agent

When investigating high-profile cases it requires a good agent to solve them and when it comes to solving cases, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the first thing that will come into our minds. […]

Earn Money From Podcast

Tips on How to Earn Money From Podcast

The podcast audience continues to grow as time passes by. That is why many people are starting their Podcast career and Earn Money From Podcast. They are maybe using Podcast because they want to build […]

Facebook Online Selling

Online Selling Tips Using Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms nowadays that is why many online sellers are taking advantage of its popularity to reach a huge audience and earn more via Facebook Online Selling. […]