PhilHealth Job Vacancies 2022

PhilHealth’s main purpose is to provide affordable and accessible health insurance for all the citizens in the Philippines. It has been very helpful to every Filipino in terms of health care services. If you want […]


DSWD Job Opportunities 2022

More than 60 job position in DSWD is now open for applications. If you’re an aspiring government employee, this is your chance to apply. If you’re interested to know the list of DSWD Job Opportunities […]


How to Work as a Freelancer on Upwork

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Saving Tips for Self-Employed

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TESDA Traning Course for Call Center

The Call Center industry is well known here in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are trying to apply at a call center company. Why? because call center companies are friendly companies. Meaning, they are entertaining all […]


High-Paying Jobs for OFWs

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Tips to Avoid Illegal Recruiters

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Things to Avoid in a Job Interview

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Benefits of Being an OWWA Member

Working far from your family is hard, that’s why being an OFW is challenging because you need to endure everything and be strong for your goals. That’s why it’s a relief for every OFWs knowing […]