SSS Maternity Benefit

Inquire About Your SSS Maternity Benefit via SMS

Carrying a life inside a woman’s tummy for 9 months is physically exhausting but emotionally satisfying. Lucky for those who are employed because they have an HR department that will process their maternity benefit. But, […]

UMID Replacement

Guide on How to Replace Lost or Damaged UMID

The Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) is very vital when having a transaction with government agencies such as SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, and many more. The good thing about this ID is that it has no expiration, so once […]


Salary Loan Eligibility Requirements

What is a Salary Loan?It is a cash loan granted to an employed SSS member, currently- paying self-employed or voluntary members. It is intended to meet the member’s short-term credit needs. However, you should meet […]


Guide on How to Apply for SSS Salary Loan

The SSS salary loan is the most availed program of the Social Security System or SSS. A member can borrow up to twice the average of their 12 latest monthly salary credits. The loan will be payable in 24 monthly […]


How To Apply For A Calamity Loan

After suffering from a flood. earthquake or any natural disaster, we don’t have a choice but to move on and keep on going every day. A natural disaster isn’t controllable that’s why then the only […]