Kuwait is Now Hiring Sales Lady

Being a saleslady doesn’t require much educational attainment. As long as you have the talent to sell and convince customers to buy your product, you’re in. That is why there are so many sales ladies […]


Japan is Now Hiring Care Workers

Filipinos are well known to be caring. That is why there are so many care workers in the Philippines. If you’re a caregiver in the Philippines, here’s some good news for you. Japan is now […]

Financial Tips

Filing a Case Against People Who Owe You

Is there someone who owes you money and they’re not paying? If yes, that situation can be very stressful and frustrating, especially in times when you really need the money they owe you. If that […]


USA is Now Hiring 100 Registered Nurse

If you’re a nurse in the Philippines, this is your chance to step up your career now and work abroad. USA is now hiring 100 Registered Nurse. This hiring was announced by Uniplan Overseas Employment […]


Solo Parent Benefits

Being a solo parent is very hard. Imagine raising a child on your own, providing them everything they need such as home, clothing, food, and education. Doing that on your own is hard, isn’t it? […]


DOST Scholarship 2023

Since the DOST scholarship program for the year 2022 is almost done. DOST open a new batch of scholarships for the year 2023. Talented senior high school students are encouraged to apply if they wish […]


DTI Job Hiring

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is the executive department of the Philippine government that aims to increase access to markets, capital, and manufacturing networks. In addition, they are also in charge of improving productivity, […]


PhilHealth Job Opening

PhilHealth is well known in the Philippines, as they provide accessible and affordable health care services for all Filipino citizens. They have helped Filipinos in many ways, so if you want to be part of […]