Make A Steady Freelance Income

There’s plenty of demand for decent freelancers. That means the competition for gig work will only get more intense in the near future.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and secure your seat at the table, you need to equip yourself with an impressive skill set in a reliable field. Easy right? But what are some of reliable fields that a freelancer can make a steady income? Continue reading to learn how you can make a steady freelance income.

Make A Steady Freelance Income

Photographer: $25/hour (Estimated Salary as per Glassdoor)

This gives rare opportunity to creatives to be their own boss. Though it isn’t the highest-paying gig but it’s worth pursuing especially if photography is your real passion.

As long as people use social media; there’s wedding and other special events, you’ll never run out of clients. Plus, everyday, hundreds or thousands of online businesses are sprouting that needs your expertise to make their more sales.

If you love photography and your skill level has still room for improvement, then you need to take photography classes. You can always find a mentor that will teach you. It can be an online or offline mentor, free or paid. It’s your choice.

I came across YouTube tutorials for people who wants to learn photography. You may want to start there if you don’t have a budget for a photography class.

Graphic Designer: $48,500 (Estimated Salary as per Glassdoor)

Digital media is a domain that’s predicted to grow more than 60 percent by next year. So if you are a graphic designer or someone that wants to learn graphic designing, the time is now to invest your time and money to upgrade your skills and at the same time build your portfolio of your graphic designs.

Front End Developer: $78,000 (Estimated Salary as per Glassdoor)

Front-end development is an exponentially growing industry with plenty of room for professionals of all skill levels.

The process of making a website is the most difficult thing to do for a person who is not a tech-savvy and easier for those front-end developer.

Now a day, many people are creating their own website to start their businesses and most of them are not a tech-savvy person. Therefore, pursuing in this field is something you might want to consider. It’s in demand and the estimated salary is good.

Copywriter: $100 to $250/Hour

More and more companies and organizations are relying on teams of remote contributors to produce digital content like infographics, blogs, and white papers.

Content marketing is now very popular compared to traditional advertising. If you happen to be a skilled writer, there are more opportunities for regular and ongoing work. You need not rely on one-off projects.

If you are an aspiring storyteller and or content creator, you can enroll in a copywriting courses both online and offline to become a successful freelance writer.

SEO Specialist: $65,000 (Estimated Salary as per Glassdoor)

Proven to load faster; reach a bigger audience; and increase conversions more effectively, are some of the reasons why SEO Specialist is in demand. To enjoy the said advantages, your web pages must be optimized for SEO.

For most businesses, SEO is a top priority since it brings more traffic and improved user experience. In return, it brings more money than what most businesses paid to a SEO Specialist.

Becoming a freelance SEO is quite alluring. You have the freedom to work wherever you are as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

Whatever field you are interested in, make sure to constantly upgrade your skill set and don’t forget to build your portfolio. Create and maintain good client relationships as well.

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