Money Lessons You Should Know

Earning money for daily expenses and savings isn’t that easy. You must have a regular source of income such as employment or business for you to be able to finance your needs. We need to […]


Pag-IBIG Fund’s Affordable Housing Program

Pag-IBIG Fund makes it possible for minimum-wage and low-income earners to own a home. They offer housing loan options to their members and it includes Pag-IBIG Fund’s Affordable Housing Program. This program is perfect for […]


Voluntary Contribution Guide for Pag-IBIG

The Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG Fund is well known in the Philippines. As they help Filipinos in terms of providing affordable shelter financing for the Filipino worker. That’s why it is mandatory […]


Valid IDs You Must Have in the Philippines

As you grow older, having a valid ID is necessary. Aside from its main purpose of proving your identity, valid IDs are also an important requirement you need to present when you’re having a major […]


How to Enroll Your Disbursement Account in My.SSS

As SSS continues to follow technological advancement, they aim to switch all their transactions online. That’s why they are advising all members and employers to enroll their disbursement accounts/bank account on the SSS website. It […]

Financial Tips

Reasons Why You Should Get Insured

Getting life insurance must be on top of your financial checklist if you wanted to secure your future and your family’s future as well. You will never know what will happen. Accidents and disasters happen […]

Financial Tips

Tips to Pay Off Your Debt With A Low Budget

Being debt-free will bring your life peace. Especially if the money you earn is just enough for your to sustain your monthly expenses. However, once in our life we will experience an emergency. Lucky for […]

Financial Tips

Bad Financial Habits You Should Break

If you received your monthly salary, it’s very tempting to buy everything you want because you have money. But a few days later, you will be left with a budget that isn’t enough for the […]

Financial Tips

Importance of Saving for your Retirement

If you’re still young, planning about saving for your future might not cross your mind yet because retirement may seem thousand years away. But don’t you know that the earlier you prepare for your future […]