Generate SSS PRN Through Text

The usual way of paying your SSS contribution is to go to their branch and pay it yourself. We got used to enduring long hours of waiting due to a long queue when paying our SSS contribution. Good thing they created a way to make the payment transaction easier by using SSS PRN (Personal Reference Number). You can now generate SSS PRN through text which make it convenient for every SSS members.

By using PRN number, you will spend less hours of waiting. In addition, PRN will be helpful in making sure that your contribution will be reflecting your account as soon as you pay it since this is in line with the SSS’s Real Time Posting of Contribution Payments (RTPC). So if you want to know how to generate SSS PRN through text, this might help you.

Steps on How to Generate SSS PRN Through Text:

1. Register SSS Number

Type this on your text:
SSS REG <space> <SSS No.> <space> <birthday mm/dd/yyyy>

Send it to 2600
For example: SSS REG 67676767 01/06/1991

2. Confirmation

A confirmation will be sent to you upon sending the message successfully. The text message will include a PIN. You must take note of the PIN because that will serve as your password every time you generate a PRN though text message

3. Requesting PRN

Type this on your text:
SSS PRN <space> <SSS PIN> <space> <SSS No.> <space> <birthday mm/dd/yyyy>

Send it to 2600
For example: SSS PRN 1212 67676767 01/06/1991

4. Wait for PRN

After you send the message, wait for a reply from SSS. The message that you will receive contains the PRN associated with the due date and the amount you need to pay. Once you receive it, you can now pay your SSS contribution at any payment centers in partner with SSS.
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PRN-generated payment system of SSS is mandatory. Meaning every member must follow these rules when paying. Since it will benefit both the employee and the member because it will lessen the time and effort of processing the payment. So if you don’t have a PRN number yet, get yourself now and pay easily.

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