4-Day Work Bill Was Approved by the House, What Is It All About?

This may be a good news for employers who are feeling the exhaustion but still go to work because they have no choice, well, this may be a good news for those who are on the same page.

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Last Saturday, September 1st, the House Bill 6152 will be establishing a compressed work week policy that will change the work hours of the employers. In hopes that employees should be more aggressive in giving a proper output, efficiency and have a 100 percent labor productivity.

In this bill, this will make employees work to four days a week but they should render 12 hours a day which requires them to contribute 40 to 48 hours a week.

Also, if you happened to work beyond 48 hours in a week, you will be receiving an overtime pay and on top of that, employees will be granted up to three days off.

The Secretary of the Labor and Employment will issue the significant enactment within 90 days of the law’s implementation.

Baguio City Representative Mark Go, one of the authors of the bill said that the Labor Department currently allows companies to go on a compressed work week schemes.

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