How should you spend your lotto jackpot prize?

Everyone is going crazy for the biggest jackpot prize in 6/58 grand lotto that already reached 1 Billion! Have you ever imagined winning such a huge prize? But you could be the next billionaire in the Philippines.

While every lotto outlet is jampacked with people placing their bets for their favorite numbers, we want to put emphasis on how you could spend your jackpot prize winner.

One of the major temptation for everyone is the drastic change in their lifestyle. Of course, people would tend to opt for resignation, buying cars, houses and sharing their blessings to others but before you do all these things you must stop and contemplate how to make your funds sustainable, meaningful and most importantly, spending reasonably

Stay humble, keep a low profile

It is natural for everyone to share their current happenings in their life and the joy of winning a huge amount of money is really hard to contain but you must remember that your life changes and we want to keep a low profile to ensure not only your safety but also the people who are close to you as well. Since we don’t know when these culprits would attack.

Spend but not overspend. Learn to invest

Remember, money doesn’t grow on trees and we all don’t have the luck to win 1 Billion often, though it is common to treat yourselves especially when you earn a huge amount of cash, always put in mind that there are other reasonable things you may spend your money to like investing, starting a business in that way, you still have a generated income.

Diversify your money

If you don’t have a very good and ample knowledge, it’s really good to hire a financial consultant so that, you would know different ideas on how you can expand your funds. Remember, don’t put all eggs in one basket. Try to set portions and invest it properly.

Try to learn how to grow your money using pooled funds like mutual fund or unit investment trust funds wherein you don’t have to require much attention but has a return.

Protect yourself, focus on your health

Above all investments and money, you should put emphasis on your health and insure yourself in such unexpected situations like medical, life, accident and other illness because we never know what would happen in the future. Apart from these steps, you also need to focus on making your self-healthy, go to the doctor, improve your lifestyle, drink vitamins and engage into a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

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