Tips For Call Center Applicants

Call Center work deserves a place at the top when it comes to salary. The call center is one of the highest-paid work in the Philippines. If you’re planning to work in a call center industry, this article will discuss some Call Center Applicants tips that might help.

How To Apply In A Call Center Company

  • Job hunting on social media
    -Call center companies are using social media to look for an employee. Usually, they are using Facebook so it will be easier for you to apply to a call center company if you join groups.
  • Walk-In
    -Search for the company’s address online, visit the site and inquire to the company’s HR about their job offers.
  • Referral or Headhunters
    – If you have acquaintances who work in a call center company ask them if their company is hiring and ask if they can refer you. They will get bonuses if they will be able to refer applicants.
    -Headhunters are people who refer applicants to companies in return for referral bonuses. 

Things to ask before proceeding:

  • Recruitment Process
    -It s a must that you asks about the recruitment process before you proceed with applying to a call center company. Ask about the interviews, if there are any tests so that you will be prepared because if you are prepared you will be confident.
  • Location
    -Ask about the location of the site. It will be better if you will apply in a company near you to lessen the hassle and stress. However, if you are willing to commute to the location of your work then you can consider even if it is far, but you need to keep in mind your safeness because in a call center company the schedule if shifting, you will experience graveyard shift.
  • Basic Salary
    -Ask about the basic salary without any incentives included. It will be better if you know what to expect because sometimes, headhunters are exaggerating the basic salary to attract applicants.

How To Pass Initial Interview

An initial interview is the easiest part of applying. In this interview, the interviewer will just ask some basic questions to test your communication skills and grammar. So it is a must that you practice your communication skills before you proceed with the interview so you will be confident talking to them.

How To Pass The Final Interview

Final interviews are harder compared to the initial. This is the last part of your interview and in this stage, the interviewer not just asks you a question but also assesses your English skills, working behavior, past working experience, and personality. You should also expect a lot of follow-up questions to your answers.

How To Pass The Training And Nesting

Once you started training does not mean you are already hired as a call center agent. This just means that you will start learning and once you finished the training and signed a contract that means you are already hired.

The good thing when you start the training is that you will have a daily allowance. The company makes sure that you will have no reason to be absent because every day of the training is very important, one absent will make it hard to cope up with what they have tackled.

Once you finished the training that is the time you will be introduced on the production floor for nesting. In this stage, you will start taking phone calls with an actual customer, you must apply what you learned in the training. There’s no need to worry because the first part of nesting is barging. Barging or shadowing means that you will listen to the tenured agents taking live calls for you to be familiarized. Tenured agents will also assist you if you are having a hard time.

What To Expect

In reality, working in a call center is like any other service or sales job. The only difference is that all of your customer interactions happen through the phone. Call center life is hard work, but the hardest things in life are usually the most rewarding. Expect a shifting schedule and a freezing working environment. All of the hard work will be worth it once you receive your monthly salary.

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